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Exercise for Mobility

Exercise for Mobility.  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.  Such a true saying, as the wise ones enjoy the wealth of good health but health and fitness is something we all tend to take for granted, until, it is suddenly taken away from us and all too often, we are left with little or no energy, no […]

Standing Up For Yourself

Stand Up Wheelchair Standing Up For Yourself.  To anyone who can walk, sit and move all their limbs, it’s just a natural reaction to be able to stand up by yourself.   Most of us, take it all for granted, it’s something we do all day and every day without blinking an eye, but what if […]

Wheelchairs Part 2

Wheelchairs Part 2 Wheelchairs Part 2   First, you need to ask questions and some examples of these are: Do I need a rigid frame or a folding frame?  Am I going to put this chair in a vehicle on my own or is someone else going to do it for me?  Do I intend using this […]

Fitness Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Fitness Doesn’t Happen Overnight “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan Fitness doesn’t happen overnight.  Give your body the opportunity to change and you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts and feel better & happier than you have ever felt.  I hear some of […]

Benefits of a Passive Exercise

B-Active Passive Exerciser

 Physical exercise benefits all of us without exception; but, for the disabled; elderly; stroke victims; convalescing patients and those just out of rehab, traditional exercise routines can be too painful and sometimes downright impossible.  Thus, decreased mobility in these sectors pose a major barrier to maintaining health and fitness. A passive exercise machine overcomes this […]

Passive Exerciser

B-Active Passive Exerciser

Assistive Devices – Passive Exercisers Assistive device is anything that may improve, increase or maintain functionality in a disabled person as defined by the World Health Organisation. What about an assistive device that improves the fitness levels of a disabled person?   All too often the person and their carer don’t even give this a thought […]

Wheelchairs Part 1

Wheelchairs Part 1.  For anyone looking for a wheelchair for the first time, the choice can be so confusing.  Lots of factors decide which way you need to go but let’s take a look this month at temporary users.  People in this category can be the elderly and infirm, convalescing or temporarily incapacitated after an […]

Assistive Devices Children

Assistive Devices Children.  Any parent or carer of a disabled child knows the huge cost involved when it comes to purchasing disability equipment.  Time and time again I’m asked by parents if there is any cheaper alternative in the equipment or assistive device they wish to buy for their child. Why is the cost so […]

Fitness Made Easy

Fitness Made Easy.  As I write this article, it is International Disability Day and I’m at our Mobility Solutions stand at Durban Deep Expo at the City Hall.  The theme at our stand this year is Active Health, which, as you probably know, is the health and wellness side of our disability division.  On show […]