Exercise for Mobility

Exercise for Mobility.  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.  Such a true saying, as the wise ones enjoy the wealth of good health but health and fitness is something we all tend to take for granted, until, it is suddenly taken away from us and all too often, we are left with little or no energy, no motivation and even everyday tasks that once were so easy, now becomes incredibly energy sapping and tiring.

I have always maintained that a healthy body is the foundation to a healthy mind.  I liken it to a garden – if the body is unhealthy and unfit, the garden in our mind is full of weeds, looks untidy and lacks colour and lustre, but, if our body is healthy, we look healthy and the garden is full of flowers, colour and happiness.

This is true no matter what your disability.  Some of you may say, “Oh what’s the point, it won’t help me anyway”.  I guarantee you right now, that taking just a few minutes a day to do some kind of exercise will make a huge difference to the way you view life.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised for years, you can still do it.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of teaching some amazing quadriplegics how easy it is to get fit, lose weight and stay healthy and we all had a wonderful time in the process.  It took just 12 weeks to see major improvements in their mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance & co-ordination, and they also learned how to lose weight through good nutrition.


What have you got to lose?  Nothing but you have everything to gain.

You can contact Lorraine on info@mobilitysolutions.co.za

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