Pressure Mattress Invacare

Pressure Mattress Invacare
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Pressure Mattress Invacare Softform Premier High Risk Mattress utilizes superior materials inside and out for comfortable, durable mattresses which were designed to aid in prevention of pressure ulcers in patients up to Very High Risk, making them a highly versatile, economical prevention surface.  This is the ideal, long term solution for those at very high risk of pressure ulcers.  Has excellent infection control properties.

Product Description

Pressure Mattress Invacare.  The Invacare Softform Premier High Risk Mattress, features a unique contoured insert pad, constructed from ‘keyhole cut’ castellated foam cells, which move independently providing:

  • for high risk patients
  • excellent patient comfort
  • reduce shear and friction
  • optimise pressure redistribution
  • does not require turning or rotating
  • excellent infection control

The mattress insert has a non glued construction, which allows excellent conformity when profiled on electric bed frames. ‘Strikethrough Resistant Technology®’ The cover is made from a highly chemically resistant polyurethane polymer making it much more resistant to abrasion and damage and swells less with water contact. When cleaning a cover with ‘Strikethrough Resistant Technology®’, the material changes less and thus reverts to its natural state very quickly. The time in which the cover is prone to physical damage is significantly reduced.

Single piece foam “U” core facilitates patient transfer by providing effective side-wall support. Robust foam base prevents the mattress from bottoming out.  The full length flap protects the zip ensuring excellent infection control.  This mattress does not require turning or rotating, significantly minimising manual handling issues.

Clinical & Cost Advantages of a Pressure Mattress Invacare:

Invacare Softform Mattresses deliver essential clinical and financial benefits. In two published, randomized clinical studies, the use of the Softform Mattress in place of traditional mattress systems reduced pressure ulcer incidence in high risk patient populations from 34% to 7% and pressure ulcer prevalence from 30% to 9% respectively.  The long term performance of the Softform was studied and the conclusion was there was no deterioration of the mattress performance over three years. Additionally, it was also concluded that a standardized, static led mattress approach using the Softform mattress improved patient care, produced a significant savings and reduced dynamic mattress rental costs over a three year period.


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