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B-Active Rehab Exerciser
B-Active Rehab Exerciser UpperB-Active Rehab Exerciser UpperB-Active Rehab ExerciserB-Active Rehab ExerciserB-Active Rehab ExerciserActive Exerciser

B-Active Rehab Exerciser. Restores impaired muscles, circulation, co-ordination to upper body. Perfect for SCI, neurological disease or recovering stroke victim.

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Product Description

B-Active Rehab Exerciser Adaptive OR the B-Active Rehab Exerciser Active.  If you have little or no grip you need the Adaptive.  If you have full grip then the Active will suit you well.

Both these exercisers helps to restore impaired muscle strength, circulation and co-ordination to either legs or arms or both.  

The rehab exerciser adaptive has specially adapted hand grips with wrist straps for those with little or no hand grip, making this exerciser perfect for anyone with a SCI, neurological disease or recovering stroke victim.

The B-Active Rehab Exerciser Active is suitable for both arms and legs, simple to operate and is tension adjustable so you can start easy and work your way up as you get stronger.  The same tension applies to the Adaptive exerciser.

Both the B-Active Rehab exerciser and B-Active Rehab Exerciser Upper can be either wall or counter mounted.

This exerciser is used extensively in Rehab units throughout South Africa and many countries in the world.