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The ergoGLOVE is an Innovative Stand-Alone Testing Equipment System

Use as own standalone kit, or as an add on to the Portable Analysis Kit

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Product Description

  • The ergoGLOVE is an Innovative Stand-Alone Testing Equipment System
  • Use as own standalone kit, or as an add on to the Portable Analysis Kit
  • Measures Pressure Points Between the Hand and Fingers and External Surfaces, Tools, and Machines
  • Sensors are Thin, Flexible, Unobtrusive, and have Minimal Interference with Action or Performance
  • Plugging Sensors into the Device Hub Allows for Testing with Many Combinations of ergoPAK Sensors
  • The ergoGLOVE testing equipment system can be used with the Mechanics Gloves or Finger Cots Provided, Latex or other Gloves, and can also Adhere Directly to the Skin or Other Surfaces

Reliable Force Gauges to Measure Grip Strength and Tool Forces under Restrictive Conditions – GO for the GLOVE

The ergoGLOVE Force Sensing Resistors are thin film sensors that measure localized pressure points on the hand. The ergoGLOVE can be used as a standalone testing system or used simultaneously with other ergoPAK sensors. With the ergoGLOVE you can use 1 to 4 Force Sensing Resistors with each connector hub.

Force Sensing Resistors are not a load cell or strain gauge device, though they have similar properties, and can provide a cost effective alternative. The wireless capability of the ergoGLOVE allows free motion and data capture within a100 foot radius. Easy to use data collection software is included. You can collect test data with one gauge or with any combination of ergoPAK gauges.

ergoGLOVE Specifications

  • Sensor Active Area: 0.375 inch diameter / 9.53 mm diameter
  • Sensor Length: 2 inches including tail
  • Sensor Width: 0.55 inch / 14 mm
  • Sensor Thickness: 0.008 inch / 0.203 mm
  • Force Range: Maximum Force Limit 100 lbs.

The ergoGLOVE Includes:

  • Connector Hub w/strap – 4 ports (cable connects or plugs into ergoPAK device hub)
  • (4) Short Cables
  • (16) Small Disposable Sensors
  • (2) Mechanics’ Gloves
  • RH / (1) LH with insert pockets on fingertips and thumb for sensors
  • Velcro Strips on back of glove for wire management (Select Size – S, M, L, XL)
  • Latex Finger Cots
  • ergoPAK Device Hub
  • Wireless Interface Box with antenna
  • USB Cable
  • Coiled Cord
  • AC Adapter
  • ergoPAK Data Collection Software.

 FET Data Collection Software Package Is Included

This program is designed for research and education applications. The program simultaneously captures raw test data while displaying a real-time graph of the data. The data is saved in comma-separated values (CSV) format and can be opened in most spreadsheet programs for further analysis.

Mobility Solutions are the Sole Distributors for Sub-Saharan Africa of microFET and ergoFET products.