Standing Wheelchair

It’s only when you actually own a standing wheelchair that you fully understand the huge benefits they afford the user.  Even the major medical aids are now sitting up and realising that a stand up wheelchair is truly an assistive device that provides both physical and psychological benefits never seen before.  Loved by everyone who owns one, they are an investment in health on a daily basis.


Product Description

Standing Wheelchair

The benefits of using a standing wheelchair are enormous -medical publications have documented this for many years and all medical professionals view these chairs as hugely beneficial to the user.

Paraplegics and those with good upper body strength generally look at purchasing a manual stand and quadriplegics or those with limited upper body strength should look at purchasing the fully motorised version as this operates solely by remote control via the joystick.

Another important factor to take into account is how you are going to be using the chair on a daily basis, possibly you may use it in the workplace – in this case a fully motorised chair may be your best option as you can then drive this chair in it’s standing position whereas the manual chair is a push function.

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Info Brochure Stand Up Wheelchair MANUAL

Additional Information

Standing Wheelchair Manual

Standing Wheelchair Manual Push Motorised Stand Flip Back Armrest / Adjustable Height Adjustable / Detachable Headrest Detachable / Swingaway Footrests Anti Tip Adjustable Knee Support Remote Control Stability Mechanism Battery: 2 x 9 AH x 12V x 2 pcs Actuator: 12 / 24V DC Permanent Magnetic Motor Charger: 24V x 2 Amp



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