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Standing Up For Yourself

Stand Up Wheelchair Standing Up For Yourself.  To anyone who can walk, sit and move all their limbs, it’s just a natural reaction to be able to stand up by yourself.   Most of us, take it all for granted, it’s something we do all day and every day without blinking an eye, but what if […]

Wheelchairs Part 2

Wheelchairs Part 2 Wheelchairs Part 2   First, you need to ask questions and some examples of these are: Do I need a rigid frame or a folding frame?  Am I going to put this chair in a vehicle on my own or is someone else going to do it for me?  Do I intend using this […]

Wheelchairs Part 1

Wheelchairs Part 1.  For anyone looking for a wheelchair for the first time, the choice can be so confusing.  Lots of factors decide which way you need to go but let’s take a look this month at temporary users.  People in this category can be the elderly and infirm, convalescing or temporarily incapacitated after an […]